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This short article demonstrates the workflow to check the environment variables used by the Simcenter Amesim environment which could sometimes differ from the Windows one


Environment variables are important to get everything running properly. Indeed, among others, they matter for licensing, compilation or even cosimulation with external tools. To check them, one will quite often open the Windows settings and the environment variables interface. But from time to time, because of scripts or IT rules, the environment variables seen by Simcenter Amesim could differ from the ones set up for the Windows environment.

Here below is how to check which one are used by the Simcenter Amesim instance currently opened.

- Go to Tools>Python command interpreter:


- A command prompt should have popped up. Here type exit() and press Enter to leave the python console.

- Optional step: change the current directory to another one. In the next step, we will generate a text file. In order to get it in an appropriate folder, you can change it by typing cd C:\Users\abc123\Desktop for instance and press Enter.

- To generate the file containing the environment variables seen by Simcenter Amesim, type set>env.txt and press Enter.

- A text file called env.txt and containing all the environment variables has been generated at the specified location.

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