Simcenter Flotherm How to find Embeddable BCI-ROM validation, best practices - documents and models for Simcenter Flotherm 2310



Find out how to find and how to download the Simcenter Flotherm Embeddable BCI-ROM validation document, best practices document (guide) and download example models.


You can find these documents within the related files area of the Simcenter Flotherm downloads in a section titled: "Embeddable BCI-ROM [EROM] Examples and Documents”.

To navigate to related files, start by going to Simcenter Flotherm downloads. Then select Simcenter Flotherm 2310 or a higher version from the drop down menu “select a version”

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Click on your selected version and a new version specific download area will open.  You will then see in the right hand side of the screen a tab called “Related Files” next to “System Requirements” tab

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When the “Related Files” Tab opens, you will see a list of downloadable topic areas.  There is one titled "Embeddable BCI-ROM [EROM] Examples and Documents”. Click on this and it will open a list of documents and zip files.

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The Embeddable BCI-ROM [EROM] Examples and Documents area in Related Files now opens.

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Per the image above, there are various documents and example demo models in zip files. For example:

  • Simcenter Flotherm Embeddable BCI-ROM Validation Document
    A pdf document on validation cases for Embeddable BCI-ROM models.
  • Simcenter Flotherm Embeddable BCI-ROM Best Practices Document
    A pdf guidance document for Embeddable BCI-ROM extraction (author workflow) and use (consumer workflow). This guide covers hints and tips.
  • Embeddable BCI-ROM Basic Example Models
    A demonstration example zip of files to explore Embeddable BCI-ROM technology. This zip contains consumer files folder with files to create FCBGA detailed model in Simcenter Flotherm and extract an Embeddable BCI-ROM model (author workflow). It also contains files of a ready generated EROM file (.erom) and an example PCB and enclosure model to import it into and experience using an Embeddable BCI-ROM (consumer workflow).
Simcenter Flotherm Embeddable BCI-ROM Validation Models
A zip file of example models used in the validation document.

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