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If you want to remove user accounts that are no longer associated with your organization or are not actively contributing to the project, this article will guide you in removing such users from the Cloud Foundry organization.


To effectively remove a user from a Cloud Foundry organization, follow these steps:
Access Permissions:
  • In Insights Hub as an OrgManager, it's crucial to understand that you cannot create or delete a user directly in Cloud Foundry.
  • Instead, the focus is on managing the roles assigned to users within your organization.
Role Unset:
  • To remove a user from your organization, use the "unset-org-role" command. For example:
  • Replace USERNAME with the username, ORGNAME with the organization name, and ORGROLE with the role you want to revoke.
  • After unsetting the roles, verify that the user no longer has any assigned roles within the organization. Use the following command:
cf org-users ORGNAME
  • This command will display a list of users in the organization, and the user you removed should no longer be present.
WebAccount Consideration:
  • In the context of Insights Hub, note that a WebAccount is required for accessing Insights Hub or Cloud Foundry.
  • Removing a user completely from the Webkey will deny access to both Insights Hub and Cloud Foundry.

By following these steps, you can remove unnecessary user accounts and associated access from your Cloud Foundry organization.

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