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After pushing a new app to Cloud Foundry, users may encounter difficulties when attempting to assign it to the correct space in the DevOps/Operator Cockpit. The list under "space location" might not display all spaces within the organization, and the intended space may be missing. This discrepancy is observed both in the DevOps/Operator Cockpit interface and the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (CF CLI).


The root cause of this issue is likely related to the missing routes for some deployed components within the Cloud Foundry space or unwanted components present in the space. When certain applications lack a designated route, it can impact the visibility of the corresponding space in the DevOps/Operator Cockpit.

Steps to Resolve:
Identify Affected Applications:
  • Utilize the Cloud Foundry CLI (cf CLI) to list deployed applications in the problematic space.
cf apps
  • Identify the components without assigned routes and unwanted ones.
Delete the Unwanted Components:
  • Delete the applications that do not have assigned routes.
cf delete <app_name>
  • Confirm the deletion of the application.
Refresh DevOps/Operator Cockpit:
  • After removing the applications without routes, revisit the DevOps/Operator Cockpit.
  • Verify that the correct space is now available in the "space location" dropdown list.
Reassign the App:
  • Retry assigning the newly pushed app to the desired Cloud Foundry space using the DevOps/Operator Cockpit.

the issue of not being able to see the required Cloud Foundry space in the DevOps/Operator Cockpit can be attributed to components/applications within that space lacking assigned routes. By identifying and removing components/applications without routes, users can ensure that the space becomes visible in the DevOps/Operator Cockpit, allowing for the seamless assignment of applications to the correct space.

Please follow the above steps to resolve the issue.
If the issue persists, please contact the support team by creating a support ticket for further assistance.

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