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The Insights Hub Capability Packages (i.e. Basic, Standard, Premium) come with "core" applications and services. When it comes to applications of other Siemens Business Units or Partners, it might be that only some basic resources of Insights Hub are included. As a result, some "core" applications and services, that are part of the Insights Hub Capability Packages, will not be included (e.g. Visual Flow Creator, Insights Hub Monitor); whereas other applications, like Mendix that is not part of the "core" applications, will need to be purchased separately.

In order to find out the resources of an application/package, please consult the Product Sheet of an application that can be found in Siemens DEX Store. Please search for an application in Siemens DEX Store, click on it and have a look at under the "Terms & Conditions" to access to the Product Sheet:

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