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This article explains how to create a documentation file for your models in Simcenter Amesim.


If you have created models with Simcenter Amesim and want to share these with your colleagues or even re-use these after some time, the creation of a documentation of these models might help to better understand what has been modelled with which components as well as parameter values and for which purpose. Simcenter Amesim offers here the possibility to create HTML reports for each model documentation. It should be noted here that you can manually adapt the according HTML reports if you are familiar with HTML or also create custom templates, so that all your documentation files have a similar graphical framework and amount of information. In the following section the demo model "QuarterCar.ame" is used to describe the process.

Model Documentation
You can create the documentation of your Simcenter Amesim model by selecting the menu option "File -> Model documentation -> Create...":
Create Model documentation

This will open the HTML Report window:
HTML Report window

Here, you can see in the section Save HTML report as where the HTML report will be saved under which name. We advise to keep this name, since then the HTML report will be saved within the .ame file and, thus, will be always available when sharing the model with another person.
You can use your own HTML report template by choosing the according option under the section Select the type of report. An exemplary template file custom_report_template.html is provided in your Simcenter Amesim installation folder in the "misc" subfolder (as shown in above picture), which you can use as a basis for your own template.
The option User defined -> Configure in the subsection Content definition allows you to specify which content should be seen in the according HTML report by selecting the desired items:
Configuration of content items

As soon as you have created the model documentation file, you can open it by right-clicking somewhere on a free space in your model sketch and select Help:
Opening the documentation via Help

For further information, please consult the Simcenter Amesim Reference manual.
If you want to create documentation files for your supercomponents and user-libraries, you can have a look into the knowledge base article "How can I create documentation files for supercomponents and user-libraries?"

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