Simcenter Amesim How can I use transmitters and receivers in my Simcenter Amesim model?

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This article describes the set up of transmitters and receivers in Simcenter Amesim and how the port tag list is used during this process.


Transmitters and receivers are a great way to exchange signal or sensor values effectively in a model created with Simcenter Amesim. They allow you to pass variables from one component (the transmitter) to another (the receiver/receivers) without actually connecting them by lines and use of signal routing components, so that your sketch is kept lean.

You can find the transmitter image.png and receiver image.png components in the subfolder "Routing" of the Signal, Control library:
Transmitter and Receiver components in the Signal, Control library

When you put these components on your sketch, you can define the number of inputs and which dimension each input should have. A transmitter component can transfer its value to one or more receiver components, whereas each receiver component can have a "connection" to only one transmitter component.


The connection between one transmitter and the according receiver components is established through one unique port tag. You need to define those port tags by opening the port tag list either through the menu "Sketch -> Port tag list" or directly selecting the button "Port tag list" in SKETCH mode:

Opening the port tag list

You can find an example for the usage of transmitters and receivers in the demo model "Hybrid Vehicle Flowchart". In the following short animation, you can see how the different transmitter and receiver components are connected via port tags in the port tag list window. You can prescribe/ change the port tags after double-clicking on the according column entry and change their value. Additionally, you can check which components are connected directly in the port tag list by selecting a component, so it will be highlighted on the sketch:
Port tag list usage

With the use of the display label and/or display digit parameters, you can further indicate which components are connected together, since the according label and digit will be displayed on the component icons:
Connection indication via display label and display digit

Please be aware that connected transmitter and receiver components have to belong to the main sketch or same level of a single supercomponent, i.e. you cannot include e.g. a transmitter into a supercomponent and put the according receiver on the main sketch.
You can find more information about transmitters and receivers in the related Simcenter Amesim component documentation or the Simcenter Amesim reference manual. 

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