Xpedition Enterprise How to back up the IOPT device library manually. FPGA Wizard and the IOPT device library.

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With only access to the FPGA Wizard in Library Manager you see that you do not have the FPGA device that you need.


There is no function in the FPGA Wizard to allow the user to update the IOPT device library. This is meant to be done in the IOPT tool directly. Please reference the following Knowledge Based Article (KBA):

To install this library manually one would still need to download the latest library in a zipped format using the link in the above KBA.

The default install of the IOPT device library is found at (default installation location),
Example for the VX.2.14 install:image.png
The "version.txt" file will have a version number in it. The original library, starting at the "library" folder should be zipped up and archived. Then the delivered/downloaded zip file should be unzipped at this location.


The following environmental variable may be used to point to the location of the IOPT device library:


Using this methodology one location may be used for all versions and users. 

NOTE: The IOPT device library is not version specific. However, older devices may not exist in newer versions of the library.
The tools must be completely closed and reopened to reread the newly installed IOPT device library.

KB Article ID# KB000128728_EN_US



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