Simcenter Prescan Install Simcenter Prescan Blender Plugin, how to use and Import of 3D Model as Prescan format

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How to install, use and  import custom 3D Model with the Blender Plugin into Prescan

General information:
  • Folder for Blender Addon and Documentation:
C:\Program Files\Simcenter Prescan\Prescan_2311\ModelDepo\blender_addons

Software needed:
Blender 2.90.1 (3D Model freeware tool) it can also work with newer version but is not tested.
Blender Plugin

Start the Process Manager of Prescan for some background file preparation, before continuing. This usually happens when starting the Prescan GUI, the Process Manager is always in the Windows bottom right corner.

Now create a Batch file to set the Path for the file platform.dll:
Open a text editor and copy the following lines into it and create a .bat file. Now use the batch file to start Blender or just copy the lines to the cmd and start Blender.

Both lines need to have the correct path to the Software.

set PATH=%PATH%;"c:\PrescanInstallPath\bin"

Once it is started navigate to edit ->preferences ->add ons. Click on install on the top right corner.

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Navigate to the Blender addon zip file and click on install addon.

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After this check the box  Prescan Asset import export.

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After the successful enablement, now it is possible to import custom 3D models into Prescan in a Prescan format or use it to create advanced Prescan 3D models, see documentation for this Blender plugin mentioned in the beginning of this article. To import 3D Model usually the Model Preparation tool is used. When that tool has problems with specific models, the possibility via the Blender Plugin can work.

How to use the plugin for 3D Model import:
  1. Open Blender click on File and Import the 3D model in the persisting format
  2. Click on File and export as "Prescan 3D Model .psscene"
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Now open the Model Preparation Tool and follow the standard steps to import a 3D Model. Here the collada format is usually used for an import in this case the exported .psscene file will be used. 

For the standard 3D Import another article exists with the Model Preparation Tool.


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