Xpedition Enterprise Customizing the Search Tab to Show a Single Databook Library Per Tab

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Details how to make each library in the dbc file a separate tab in Search


To create a tab for each partition in your Library using the Search tool, follow these steps:

A tab labeled Connector is created and only contains the Connector partition from your library.

To create additional library tabs, replicate the procedure by clicking on the green + tab. Add a new Library-Parts tab, choose the desired partition in the partition dialog box, and then rename the tab.

  1. Within the Search Window, create a new library tab by clicking on the green + sign in the tab section at the bottom of the Search window, and then choose Library-Parts. This action will add a new tab to your Search Tool labeled Library-Parts. In the Search tool, click on the Partition icon located at the top left, as shown below.
  2. Deselect all libraries by unchecking the checkbox next to Select All. Afterward, choose the specific library for which you intend to create a partition. In this example, a partition is being created for Connector, so only Connector should be checked in your partition list.
  3. Click Ok in the Partition dialog to accept the change. Only the Connector partition will show.
  4. Go back to tab at the bottom of the Search window, right Mouse Click on the Library-Part Tab, Click on Rename Tab and rename the tab Connector.


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