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Original air date: December 12, 2023 Resources from the webinar are provided below


Join us to review What’s New in Valor NPI & VPL v2311.

This webcast will showcase the enhancements to Valor NPI and VPL in v2311.
It’s easy to keep up with the most recent additions to our software by attending the webcast for explanation and demonstration of new and upgraded functionality.  After the presentation, you’ll have a chance for live Q&A with the Valor NPI Global Support team. 

What You Will Learn

  • Introducing 3D Viewing of a Product Model
  • Configure Access to Documentation
  • Terminology Change – Classification Set to DFM Profile
  • Enhanced use of Package Risk Rating
  • Verify Spacing and Overlap Constraints for Discretes in a Zip Zag Array
  • Display VPL Component Body and Lead Tolerances in the MRA
  • Identify Large Via Holes in Thermal Pads
  • Import Excel BOM Without Dependency on Installation of Microsoft Excel
  • IPC2581 Output Includes Backdrill Data
  • Icon Updates in BOM Manager and Parts Validation
  • VPL Splash Screen and Login Screen Updates
  • Font Style of Unit of Measure IN VPL
  • Introduction of Teamcenter Sync for VPL Content in Multiple Locations
Question and Answers
What criteria is used to assess mfg risk to different component packages?
The Component Risk level is determined as the package is being created in the VLM.  The criteria is documented here: VPL Risk Assessment
Can we export the 3d model created by valor with the leads of the components?
Can we import 3d models from external sources, for example a step file of a component and add directly as a library?
No, VPL data is proprietary and cannot be imported/exported into any other format. 
On 3D view - is there any representation at this point of beyond-the-brick - particularly standoff?
The 3D view will show all VPL components however PCB hardware is not created by VPL Services.  If the standoff is created in a local VPL database it should be viewable in 3D.
During Assembly checklist analysis, Issue snapshots can be taken in 3D view e.g. Component to Component spacing?
At this time, results are not viewable/captured in 3D, only in 2D.
Is there a way to overwrite the risk level by user preference?
No, the Risk level is determined in the background based on package criteria.  It cannot be modified manually.
In the Valor documentation exist a section that explain how the risk level VPL is calculated?
Yes, here is a link: VPL Risk Assessment
Component without VPL package can visualize in 3D? if not there is a mechanism to mapping 2D packages without VPL package to the 3D library?
A non-VPL part package will be represented as a flat 2D figure. The 3D viewer uses the VPL package & lead definitions to represent the part in 3D and does not store the 3D representation separately.
The Teamcenter Sync is available only if use cloud? or if use my company server infrastructure works as well?
Teamcenter Sync is only available in the Siemens Cloud.
Can we model encapsulation on Components 3D?
Is the 3D viewing dependent on VPL packages?
Yes, the body and contact shapes are represented using the VPL Package dimensions.  If there is no vpackage associated, the basic 2D flat body shape is shown.
Are there restrictions to the Constraint Large Via Hole in Thermpad?
Yes, there must be more than 1 large hole via in the Thermpad
Do I still need Microsoft Excel installed to generate an MRA Report?
Yes, since the output for the report is Excel based, Microsoft Excel must be installed.
If we create our own VPL packages, will they appear in 3D as well?
The only caveat to this is if the lead type has not been created yet the package will render using a generic lead. As stated earlier the following lead types have not been rendered yet:
Post terminal, Ball, S-bend, J inverted, Lug, Pressfit and quick connect.
If I rotate a component in MRA will the 3D rendering also rotate?
Yes. You can’t edit the product model in 3D mode so the rotation must be done in 2D but when you switch back to 3D you will see the new rotation.
How does the licensing for Teamcenter Share work?
Licensing for Teamcenter Share is based on how they purchased VPL. You must purchase a Hybrid SaaS solution to access Teamcenter Share. If they choose HSaaS, then they should contact the person in their organization who handles the Admin Console for the Xcelerator platform and ask to be added as a TC Share user. No license is required.
Can I change the risk assessment score that is shown in Valor?
No. The risk assessment score is determined in the VPL. There is a method that considers package size, number of leads, type of lead and a few other parameters to determine the component risk. This was introduced in VPL V2305. For this release the risk factor has been made available in Valor.
Can I review results using the 3D viewer?
No, not this with release. This is the first release of the 3D viewer so you can expect additional enhancements with newer releases. You can use the sync button to synchronize the view between 2 and 3D.


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