Simcenter Flovent Cannot View Fan Operating Curve After Solving



For a Linear Fan the fan curve cannot be displayed. The corresponding button in the properties is missing.


Because the Linear Fan is defined by just two values - pressure at stagnation and open volume flow rate - there's no classic fan curve to be displayed. The fan curve of a Linear Fan is neither available in pre- or in postprocessing.

Let's compare the properties of both Non-Linear and Linear Fan.





As you can see, in the second case the option "Fan Curve Chart" is missing for the Linear Fan. Consequently, it is also missing in Analyze Mode.

What can be done to see the operating point for a Linear Fan?
  1. Define a Non-Linear Fan with just two points on the curve: Pressure At Stagnation / Volume Flow Rate = 0 and Pressure = 0 / Open Volume Flow Rate. This will still cause a linear fan curve between these two points but you can visualize the operating point now.
  2. If just the numerical value of the operating point is required, you can still use the Linear option and read out the operating point from the Tables: Select the fan(s) in the tree and open the Tables. The Volume Flow Rate and the Static Pressure will be displayed among other values:

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