Simcenter MAGNET Suite Possible issue in Simcenter MAGNET 2212.0002: Hysteretic switches misbehave in conjunction with motion



Hysteretic switches misbehave in conjunction with motion. Please upgrade to the latest release of Simcenter MAGNET to avoid this issue altogether.


In conjunction with motion, the prior state of all switches is lost at each new time instant. The switches are then restored to their default state, but that does not work for current-controlled or voltage-controlled switches with hysteresis. The resulting misbehavior of hysteretic switches took the following form in a recent customer case: current-controlled switches with a current threshold of 260 A and a 10 A hysteresis switched off when the current increased past 265 A, and switched back on when the current decreased below 265 A, i.e. the 10 A hysteresis was ignored, and the current threshold was not the requested 260 A but rather IT + IH/2 = 265 A.

Workaround: None.

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