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An upcoming Calibre release will provide an improved method to access the Calibre product documentation. The default option will serve your product documentation from Support Center, giving you immediate access to the latest release-specific documentation.

For easy access, we will offer the option of viewing Support Center documentation using a proxy on your network. This documentation proxy removes the need for users to have a Support Center account or to log into Support Center to view documentation.

We understand that some customers are on a restricted network without internet access. You will have the option to download and set up the Siemens Documentation Server to view the documentation package on that local network.

This change provides a unified and consistent method for accessing product documentation for all Siemens products and reduces the size of the software download. The documentation will have the same look and feel as the current documentation on Support Center and include both PDF and HTML manuals. The new delivery model also provides more flexibility in documentation updates, a more modern HTML viewer with wider compatibility, and a search function that searches both HTML and PDF documents. In addition, all the benefits of Support Center are available with the Support Center login, including enhanced AI search.

After this transition, the Siemens EDA documentation InfoHub will be no longer be available and documentation will not be included in the Calibre executable. More information on this new documentation system will be provided in an upcoming release.

We are committed to providing you with the best experience using Siemens EDA products, and we are confident that this change will enhance your access to product documentation.

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