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This article will describe which possibilities Prescan has to include vehicle dynamics and how to use it.

First of all we create a simple experiment with a straight segment and a trajectory. We use a regular actor, in this case the BMW, which is connected to the path. Now we need to right click on the BMW and open the „Object configuration“. In this we have everything to set up for this specific vehicle. These option is mostly similar to all cars.
Here we need to go to the Tab „Dynamics“ in which we will find the Prescan internal dynamics model and the Preconfigured or Archetype Amesim model.

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Note: The last option of a user specified model is for adding a dynamics model from any software with the FMI/FMU standard. This will be shown in another article separately.

Choose any dynamics model which is preferred. In this case the 3D version is used. To change setting regarding this dynamics model click on customize and option will open up, see below. In Matlab that 3D Model is also accessible.

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Now the path follower needs to be enabled in the Driver Model tab. You can choose to drive with a steering wheel or set a path follower as shown below with some parameters.

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Since the dynamics of the car needs to be visible. Wheel displacement in the animation tab needs to be enabled.

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The last setting is the frequency of the simulink model that needs to be set to 200 hz, else there would be problems if any of the two settings are not set. In the GUI tab "Experiment", open the Simulation scheduler and set the frequency.

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After building and starting Simulink, open the compilation sheet (simulink model in the experiment folder) click inside of the BMW car. There will be the path follower and 3D dynamics model enabled with all input and output to control the car or manipulate. See model below. Now the experiment can be run.

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View under the mask of the vehicle dynamics in simulink:

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