Insight Finding circuit subgraphs in extracted netlist



You can load an extracted netlist and then search for circuit patterns, such as NAND, level shifter, etc


Insight Analyzer can handle loading extracted netlist directly. Subgraph is the method of detection. However a couple of points:
  1. This feature is available from version 4.20 and higher.
  2. The parasitic spf file must have a * Instance section. This is where transistors are listed. Note that some extracted netlists may not have the transistors, in which case, the re-construction of hierarchy can't work.
  3. The file config/FileTypeMap.config must have selection for parasitic - i.e add the following lines:
    ParasiticSpice=.spf .dspf
  4. Load the extracted netlist as your beginning netlist. That is, rather than load an ideal netlist followed by an extracted netlist, you will now be loading the extracted netlist only. When you do that, the original netlist hierarchy will be re-constructed, followed by an internal search for circuit pattern recognition.

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