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This Webcast shows the versatility of the Search utility that was introduced in VX.2


Title: Using Search for All Kinds of Stuff

Starting from VX.2, a revamped search dialog box emerges when you press Ctrl+F. This enhanced search feature enables you to explore both the design and libraries using natural language text and regular expressions. Moreover, you can seamlessly substitute components in the design with items from the libraries through the newly introduced replace part dialog box. The previous version of the Find/Replace function remains accessible via Ctrl+H. In this Expert Series, we will comprehensively delve into all the essential aspects of the updated Search Tool.

What you will learn:

A Review of the old Find/Replace Tool
Overview of the Search Dialog Box
Performing a Search
Searching for Parts and Nets in Design
Searching for Parts in Library/Database
Replacing Parts

Who Should Attend:

PCB Designers

Product Covered:

PADS Designer, PADS Pro Designer, Xpedition Designer


Q. Is the new search feature available in all tools, PADS, PADS Professional and Xpedition?
A. Yes, the Search Tool is available in PADS, PADS Professional and Xpedition.

Q. Can I use the new search tool in place of Databook?
A. Yes, you can use the Search tool in place of Databook but you will still need to set your dbc and configurations properly especially for Verification purposes.

Q. Can I crossprobe between Designer, the Navigator and the Search Tool?
A. Selecting a part in the Search tool will automatically select the same part in Designer and the Navigator window. However, select a part in the Navigator window or the schematic does not automatically select that part in the Search window.

Q. Can I move the columns around in the Navigator window?
A. Certainly you can move the columns around to your liking. You simply select the Column header and move it right or left. If you move the column header down, you will see a big X showing off meaning that you are trying to delete the column.

Q. How can I clear all empty columns without having to check them all?
A. The last icon on the top of your search window provides the option to Hide Empty Columns and show matched columns.

Q. If I do a verification in the Search window, will it also check in Databook?
A. The answer is yes since the design will be populated with new updated properties if you verify and annotate components after verification in the Search Tool. Search uses the same underlying files as Databook's Search/Verify tabs.

Q. What is the advantage of using the Search tool over Databook?
A. Databook allows you to search for Parts only, while the Search tool lets you search for additional objects such as Nets and Pins. Because of this there is gained real estate in your Designer window

Q. Can you have multiple Databook windows open at the same time.
A. No, Databook only allows one session as a time because each project is tied to one .dbc file. But you can have multiple tabs open in Search where each corresponds to a single Databook library.

Q. Is there an easy way to change the part symbol for multiple parts at a time?
A. Yes, you can do a Search for multiple instances of a component on the schematic and replace them all at the same time.

Q. When you "exclude symbols" from verification, is this a permanent change to the database configuration file or just changed for the project?
A. The "Exclude Symbols" is automatically saved into the .dbc file as well as any other configuration changes.

Q. Will you please show the difference between setting and not setting the "Display records with different symbols as a single row" under Search Settings?
A. This feature is used in case you have a fractured (Hetero) part where you are combining different symbols with the same part number. In this case, you can display all those symbols as one entry in the Search based on the part number. KBA MG26021: Hetero Device Use Model for Databook details the differences well.

Q. As far I understand Search and Databook use the same dbc config?
A. The dbc file is set under the Setup-Setting options. Both tools use the same .dbc configuration file.

Q. Is the Search replacement for Databook? does that meant that Databook will be phased out soon?
A. As of now, there are no plans to replace Databook with the Search Tool.

Q. When you generate a report from verification window it would be really useful to get user message in output window with a link to generated file
A. For now, the file is generated in your project folder, and you have the option to create a text file or an HTML file.

Q. Why it's not possible to copy any value from the Search Window table?
A. The values from the Search Window are read only currently and if you try to right click, a menu option is presented and there are not options for copy.

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