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This article shows how you can assign and check Materials directly in the Simcenter 3D Motion application, without having to edit the Part files.


In Simcenter 3D Motion, like most of the Simcenter 3D applications, solid or sheet bodies added into the model can have Material assignments.
When Materials have not been assigned to solid or sheet bodies in their respective Parts, the assignment can be done in two ways:
  1. By switching to the Part and assigning the desired Materials.
    • This option assumes you have access to the Part and can edit it.
  2. By assigning Materials directly in the Motion application - see Assign Material section below.
    • This option can also overwrite any Material assignments made for solids or sheets in the Parts.

Assign Materials (Fig. 1)

  1. Navigate to the Tools tab and click on Assign Materials from the Utilities group.
  2. Select the desired Solid Body (or Sheet Body) from the Graphics Window.
  3. Pick a Material from the list and click OK.
Fig. 1 Assigning Materials

Check Materials (Fig. 2)

  1. Navigate to the Tools tab and within the Utilities group look for Manage Materials using the More button.
  2. Filter the Material List to Local Materials
  3. Pick a Material and the Solid using that material will be highlighted in the Graphics Window
Fig. 2 Checking Materials using the Manage Materials menu

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