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When encountering immediate failures during app uploads in the Developer Cockpit, a misconfiguration within the setup is often the culprit. This article outlines the probable cause and offers step-by-step guidance to rectify the issue. By ensuring alignment between component names in the Developer Cockpit and those specified in the manifest file, users can effectively troubleshoot and resolve upload failures.


The probable cause of this issue is a configuration misalignment within the Developer Cockpit. Ensuring that the component names registered in the Developer Cockpit align with the corresponding names in the manifest file is crucial (refer to the screenshot below for an example of an incorrect configuration).

You can find detailed documentation on this topic here:

To resolve this problem, follow these steps:
  1. De-register the application.
  2. Modify the component names as necessary.
  3. Re-register the application.
  4. Continue by uploading both the binary and manifest files as required.

Overview: This screenshot shows Configuration in Developer Cockpit and manifest file:


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