Simcenter MAGNET Suite Possible issue in Simcenter MAGNET 2212: Models with CSG components and a cached mesh will not run in the HPC solver



Models with CSG components and a cached mesh will not run in the HPC solver. Please upgrade to the latest release of Simcenter MAGNET to avoid this issue altogether.


A model with one or more CSG components (Sphere, Rectangular Block, Cylinder, Cone, Torus, Prism, or Pyramid) and a cached solution mesh will not run in the HPC solver. The solver hangs and the user, none the wiser, has to end the simulation in the Distributed Solver Job Manager. Note the following:
  • A cached solution mesh is present when a solution is present;
  • The issue occurs when the HPC solver tries to reuse the cached solution mesh. This happens if the solver is invoked after the model setup was modified in ways that
    • Will require a re-solve (i.e. the simulation will not be skipped due to the solution already existing), BUT
    • Will not require a re-mesh.
The issue exists because the HPC solver has only one 3D Solid Modeler license, so only one MAGNET process has it and all the others don't. This is usually not a problem because the process that has the 3D Solid Modeler license is able to share the solution mesh with the other processes, but unfortunately it can't presently share the mesh that pertains to CGS volumes if the mesh was retrieved from the cache.

Possible workarounds:
  1. Include in the model changes something that will cause a small change to the solution mesh, thus preventing the retrieval of the cashed mesh;
  2. Clear the cached mesh by saving the model with the box Save without meshes and solutions checked;
  3. For a more permanent fix, convert the CSG components to SAT components (e.g. Boolean-intersect them with the air box), or to swept components where possible.

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