Simcenter STAR-CCM+ Why Electrodynamic Potential Model not selected for all parts in the simulation?

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Why not turn on Electrodynamic Potential Model for all Parts in the simulation. Thermal solver is on for all parts, why not electrical?


The Electrodynamic Potential model allows you to model electric currents in conducting materials. 

We can activate the electrodynamic potential model in all parts, but we may not want to turn on electrodynamics potential model due to underlying properties of the conducting materials. For example 
-Range of thermal conductivities
  • Low (e.g. plastic): K ~ 0.1 W/m-k
  • High (e.g. copper): K ~ 400 W/m-k
  • ~4 orders of magnitude
-Range of Electrical conductivities
  • Low (e.g. plastic): σ ~ 1 X 10e-14 S/m
  • High (e.g. copper): σ ~ 6 X 10e7 S/m
  • ~ >21 orders of magnitude
The difference in electrical conductivity between an insulator and a conductor is large enough that the insulator can be ignored with no change in accuracy. With electrical insulator , there is no current flow through, whereas for thermal insulator there is possibilities of some amount of heat pass through. So we only model the electrical conduction path and ignore the insulator parts.
Also there is possibilities for potential numerical difficulties. 
General practices are to switch on the electrodynamic potential model for only electrical conducting path. 

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