Valor NPI Webinar - Parts Validation Options in the BOM Manager

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Original air date: November 14, 2023 Resources from the webinar are provided below


Join us to review Parts Validation Options in the BOM Manager of Valor NPI
This webcast will showcase how use Parts Validation to review suggested package acceptability and also initiate a search for possible package matching of unfound parts.
It’s easy to keep up with the most recent additions to our software by attending the webcast for explanation and demonstration of new and upgraded functionality.  After the presentation, you’ll have a chance for live Q&A with the Valor NPI Global Support team. 

What You Will Learn

  • Review Package Validation screen
  • Review VPL suggested matches – both By CAD Package and Extended Search
  • Review searching for packages to associate with unfound Parts
  • Review manually matched MPN’s in the VLM.
Question and Answers
How is currently handling the vendor name aliases is it handle by a config file ?
User defined Manufacturer Aliases can be added in the VLM.
Can I limit the quantity of results when I search for a part and there is a lot of matches?
No but you can submit an enhancement request on the Ideas website for Valor NPI
After BGAs get a VPL matches, in Assembly Merge, the VPL Merge step will renumber the pins... why is that...?
Please submit a Support Ticket to pursue this further.
When you pick a footprint and accept it does it replace the cell mapped to the component in the library? Or does this replace the footprint on the design of the imported BOM?
When a suggested VPL package is accepted, the Vpackage shape will overwrite the CAD package shape in the Product Model data only.  It does not influence the CAD library.
Can I still search for package matches if I don’t have a local VPL?
It’s dependent on your licensing.  If you are only licensed for the basic Valor NPI product and not the additional VPL options, Parts Validation will only show exact matches.  There are no added search options. 
Do I have to rematch a MPN if it’s used in a different board design BOM?
No, once you’ve accepted a match in Parts Validation, that MPN will continue to show up as a Temporary part in subsequent designs.  If at some point that MPN is reviewed and the status changed to Approved, it will then be considered an Exact match. 
Why shouldn’t I just accept a suggested match if the VPL Package format meets the body shape and pin quantity of the unmatched MPN?
The VPL package name represents terminal position type, JEDEC package type, pin form and count, pin pitch and body size.  It does not represent the pin contact shape which is important to analyze pin to pad solderability.  Pin contact areas should be reviewed after accepting a suggested match to verify the specific MPN contact areas are valid.
If you accept an "Extended Search" Match in Parts Validation, how does that affect your Local VPL Database.
A Temporary Match is created in the Local VPL Database.
How can the "Exact" Matches be displayed in the Parts Validation screen?
By left-mouse-click on the "Match" column header and checking the "Exact" option.
If an MPN has a "Comments" value of "Unfound part", what are the ways in which that MPN can be created and added to the Local VPL Database?
It can be created by the customer or it can be acquired through Content Creation Services.

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