HyperLynx Troubleshooting steps for resolving Graphic Display Issues in using HyperLynx Boardsim (Windows OS)

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This Knowledge Base Article discusses some of the troubleshooting steps for resolving Graphic related issues in running HyperLynx Boardsim


The below list is not an exhaustive list of all the troubleshooting steps, but includes some of the common steps to fix graphic related issues for Windows OS, like not displaying the board layout or displaying only an outline of the design. 
  1. If you have a laptop connecting to multiple monitors, disconnect all the other monitors and use only the laptop monitor and check if the issues are resolved. If you are using a Desktop, then use only one monitor and disconnect others and see if this fixed the issue.
  2. If there are multiple graphic cards, choose only one graphic card and disable others.
  3. Check for any graphic driver updates and update to the latest revision of the driver.
  4. Create a new user login to the system. This would use the default windows graphic settings. Since some of the graphic settings like using windows themes might cause these graphic issues.

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