Valor NPI Webinar - Managing Package Types in the ADM

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Original air date: October 24, 2023 Resources from the webinar are provided below


Join us to review how to Manage Package Types in the ADM of Valor NPI
This webcast will showcase navigating the Package Type options and creating new package groups.

It’s easy to keep up with the most recent additions to our software by attending the webcast for explanation and demonstration of new and upgraded functionality.  After the presentation, you’ll have a chance for live Q&A with the Valor NPI Global Support team. 

What You Will Learn

  • Where to access Package Type options in the ADM
  • How to create new Package types
  • Assigning rule values to package type groups
Question and Answers
Does Valor plan on doing this for each JEDEC group under the Sample ADM in the future and set to proper standards for each size and type so users can have for reference?
There are no plans to add additional Package Groups above what is already there.
In your demo, the ADM was used to assign the VPL package for both parts. Does this mean this can be used when a VPL match is not found in Parts Validation in BOM Manager? And is this saved in the design or the VPL library?
The Package Type group names were added for VPL parts for rule assignment during the demo.  Another row could be added under it with that same Package Type name but based on the EDA package definition with the EDA package name referenced.  Most of the existing groups already include this example.
Can this be passed to Valor Process Prep?
No, Package Type groups do not pass over to Process Prep
When adding the pin_length attribute value, you can't add tolerance? Correct?
Correct but the Constraints “Pin Length to Board Thickness” and “Pin Protruding Length” which both use the attribute “pin_length”, allow for red/yellow/green values.
Are there restrictions on characters when entering a Package Type name?
The value is a string of up to 255 characters (an arbitrary name or the value of a component property). Supported characters are letters, digits, “.”, and “-”. The special characters “:”, “;”, “*”, and “_” are not allowed because they are used to construct the full name of the range, classified by process area and Package Type.
Should I fill in every column for a package type?
A. Keep it simple and only add enough definition to define the package. Too many descriptions may ultimately exclude a package you want to be in the group.
Can I filter on multiple basic groups to add additional package types?
Yes, just make sure to add the new package row under the appropriate base group.
What properties can be used for the Component Type property in the Analysis Configuration Manager for EDA based packages?
The default value is called CELL_CLR_TYPE but you can use any property that is transferred from your CAD tool. So, you could use EDA_Package for example. You just need to make sure that the values in the property are the same ones used in the package type table.
What advantages are there to setting up the package type tab?
There are quite a few component related checks available when the package type is set up. There is component to component spacing but there are also checks things like traces or vias under components. There are also shadowing checks as well as AOI checks available. If using the VPL you also get the added benefit of the solder validation checks. Of course, once the packages are identified the values used in the checks can be set differently depending on the package type.
Are all columns in the package type tab available for use?
This depends on whether you are using VPL packages or EDA packages. For VPL packages all columns right of the bold line are available to further define the package type. For EDA packages only the columns to the left of the bold line are available.

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