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This is a collection of academic papers in the area of transmission simulation.


Academic papers


  • D. Park, A. Rezayat, Y. Gwen. (2023). “Design optimization of multi-stage gear trains with asymmetric teeth under a broad range of torques by incorporating multibody simulations”, International Conference on Gears 2022 (VDI 2023), Garching, Germany.  
  • M. Vivet, A Rezayat, J. Verhoogen, K. Kucukcoskun, S. Donders. (2023) "Numerical analysis of bevel gear transmission acoustic emission using a 3D gear contact force model within a multibody system dynamics simulation environment", International Conference on Gears 2022 (VDI 2023), Garching, Germany.


  • F. Cosco, R. Adduci, L. Muzzi, A. Rezayat, D. Mundo. (2022). “Multi-objective Design Optimization of Lightweight Gears”. Machines, 10(9), 779.
  • A. Rezayat, P. Catera, C. Capalbo, F. Cosco, D. Mundo. (2022). “Numerical & Experimental Analysis of Transmission Error in Hybrid Metal-Composite Gears”. Journal of Composite Structures.
  • L. Pistacchi, A. Rezayat, D. Park. (2022). “Numerical analysis of misalignment and assembly error effects on the acoustic emission of gear transmissions”, ISMA 2022, Leuven.
  • D. Park, A. Rezayat, Y. Gwen. (2022). “Gear design optimization for multi-mesh & multi-power flow transmissions under a broad torque range incorporated with multibody simulations”, International Conference on Gears 2022 (VDI 2022), Garching, Germany.  
  • L. Mazzanti, M. Vivet, D. De Gregoriis, T. Tamarozzi, B. Blockmans. (2022). “Contact parameter estimation using a constraint extended Kalman filter”. ISMA 2022, Leuven.
  • M. Vivet, J. Verhoogen, P. Jiranek, T. Tamarozzi. (2022). “A new gear contact method for the tooth contact analysis of spiral bevel gear drives in multibody simulations”. NAFEMS – Advances in Structural Dynamic Simulation, Online.
  • M. Vivet, A. Libralato, J. Verhoogen, P. Jiranek, T. Tamarozzi. (2022). “Advanced modelling of straight bevel gear contact for multibody simulations”. ISMA 2022, Leuven.
  • M. Vivet. (2022). “Simulate Bevel Gears Accurately and Efficiently”. Siemens Blogpost


  • M. Vivet, T. Tamarozzi, W. Desmet, D. Mundo. (2021). ”On the modelling of gear alignment errors in the tooth contact analysis of spiral bevel gears”. Mechanism And Machine Theory.
  • R. Cumbo, L. Mazzanti, T. Tamarozzi, W. Desmet, F. Naets. (2021). “Advanced optimal sensor placement for Kalman-based multiple-input estimation”. Mechanical Systems And Signal Processing 160, Article number 107830.


  • A. Rezayat, M. Grottoli, Y. Lemmens, T. Tamarozzi, C. Liefooghe. (2020). “Influence of internal loads on the accuracy of durability tests of a vehicle on a test rig”. ISMA 2020, Leuven.
  • Y. Gwen, D. Park, A. Rezayat, T. Tamarozzi. (2020). “Influences of levels of detail for flexible multibody models on NVH prediction for gear transmissions”. ISMA 2020, Leuven.
  • L. Mazzanti, R. Cumbo,  W. Desmet, F. Naets, T. Tamarozzi. (2020). “An Improved Optimal Sensor Placement Strategy for Kalman-Based Multiple-Input Estimation”. IMAC 2020, Houston.
  • D. Dooner, M. Vivet, A. Acinapura, W. Desmet, D. Mundo. (2020). “On the determination of fully conjugate hypoid tooth flanks”. Mechanism And Machine Theory.
  • A. Rezayat, S. Donders. (2020). “Improving the accuracy of virtual durability tests of a vehicle using internal loads”. Siemens Blogpost


  • C. Natali, A. Rezayat, D. Park, P. Jiranek, T. Tamarozzi. (2019). “Analysis of manufacturing variability on the transmission error of an internal gear pair using a multibody framework”, International Conference on Gears 2019, Garching, Germany.
  • D. Park, F. Santini, A. Rezayat, T. Tamarozzi, P. Jiranek. (2019). “Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Helical Gear Transmission Error under Gear Misalignments”, International Conference on Gears 2019 (VDI 2019), Garching, Germany.
  • M. Vivet. (2019). “Advanced Techniques for Numerical Contact Analysis in Spiral Bevel Gears”. PhD Dissertation (KU Leuven, UNICAL).

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