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The limitations are introduced in IoT TimeSeries Service as well as in many Services, in order to not only restrict excessive usage of the endpoint by a single environment but also restrict the impact on performance and availability of ingestion pipeline for all other environments using the same service.

For example, without limitations the extended duration of deletion requests could generate significant strain on the system if large numbers are allowed without restriction.

In case of any issues or concerns related to any service limits, please open an Insights Hub Support Case in Support Center.

IoT File Service - limitations:

IoT File Service - Usage Quota and Limits:

IoT Timeseries - limitations:

IoT Timeseries delete - limitations:

IoT Timeseries - Usage Quota and Limits:
Rate Limits can cause discontinuity in the use case flow. Ensure to check the rate limits before implementing APIs.

IoT TS Aggregates Service v4 - Usage Quota and Limits:

IoT TS Bulk Service - Usage Quota and Limits:

Integrated Data Lake Service v4  - limitations

Industrial IoT Gateway restrictions:

IIoT Data Package
Please note that the option to purchase an IIoT Data Package comes in different size and flavors. Please refer to Product Sheets


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