Opcenter Intra Plant Logistics How to create picklist, with automatic Change Over and JIT delivery, in Boxbuild area ?

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Please find below configuration Instructions, for IPL JIT Delivery with Opcenter Execution.


  1. Recipe Pattern
Using recipes is mandatory for creating JIT picklists. The recipe pattern defines the pattern that the recipes will follow, and it is configured on the Factory in the Factory Layout:

The recipe pattern consists of two parts that should be resolved into the same recipe. The first part is parsed in the context of a container, and the second part is parsed in the context of MFG Orders. A recipe for example:
For the pattern above, if we have an MFG Order for product "Product1", and the Workflow for that product has a step "Spec1", the recipe for this step would be:

Assistance in creating recipe patterns can be provided by Opcenter Execution Core team.

After defining the recipe pattern, it is necessary to create Recipes following the pattern for every Step in the Workflow that has an ERP Route Step assigned and consumes material.
  1. Resource SRC Settings
For the resource itself, some SRC Settings are needed. In the Resource Modeling page, click "SRC Settings" button, click "Select Resource Model" and search for a manual station like "Siemens Manual Assembly Single Station" or "Siemens Box Build Single Station".

Check the "Show others" checkbox. Set the "IPL Machine Type" to "Manual Assembly"/"Box Build" and copy the resource name to the "nickname" field.


Search for "RecipeSource" setting. Click the arrow next to it and choose "Override". Set the value to "MES_Job_BOM".

Save SRC configuration, close SRC window and save resource configuration.
  1. Spec Configuration
To assign the Spec to the resource, use the "Resource Group" property in the Spec Modeling page to select the resource group the resource is assigned to.
To enforce the user to perform Setup Resource before a Move transaction, "Verify Recipe" checkbox must be checked at the Spec Modeling page, under "Processing":

In addition, to get consumption data from the Move transactions, under "Electronics" check the checkbox of "Auto Component Issue":
  1. ERP Route Step Configuration
The ERP Route Step associated with the Spec should contain data about the cycle time of the spec. In ERP Route Modeling page, under "Details", add/edit the Route Steps and add either "Units Per Hour" value or "Hours Per Unit" timestamp:

  1. Delivery Group Configuration
Either in Group Configuration web app or MM Configuration desktop application, add/edit a delivery group of type "JIT & Changeover" ("Assembly" in MM Configuration).
The group should have the resources which consume material under "Selected Resources"/"McIds String".
Set the following settings:
  • "Suggest container"/"UseLocation" = true
  • "Use Work Order" = true
  • "Prefer Job Takt Time" – if set to 'true', the cycle time will always be the cycle time configured in the ERP Route Step, regardless of the actual operation time. If set to 'false', the cycle time will be an average of the time between the operator's Move transactions.
    For manual assembly, it is suggested to set the setting to 'true' to have a more stable cycle time.
  • "Activate auto changeover"/"EnableAutoChangeOver" = true (if feature is needed).
Additional group configuration and container picking setup should be done according to the requirements and can be found in the IPL documentation (such as SACO settings, JIT Replenishment settings, etc.): Opcenter™ Intra Plant Logistics (IPL) Advanced User Guide à Material Management Scheduler à SACO - Scheduled Automatic Product Change
  1. MFG Order Creation & Scheduling
In Portal, go to Modeling → Modeling → search for "MFG Order" → Click "MFG Order" and click the "New" button.
Specify the Product, Workflow, Order Qty, UOM and Reporting Factory.
In Order Type, choose "WorkOrder", and for Order Status choose "Released".
After the MFG Order created with status "Released", it should be present in MFG Order Scheduling page. go to "Electronics" → "MFG Orders" → "MFG Order Scheduling".
Select the MFG Order created and click "Shop Floor Txns" → "Line Assignment".

Assign the order to the line and repeat the process for each row of the order.

After performing Setup Resource transaction to load the relevant recipe to the resource, the MFG order can be processed on that resource.

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