Calibre Special symbols in the RuleCheck name require quotation marks

IC Verification & Signoff


If the RuleCheck name contains special symbols, the name should be enclosed in quotation marks (double quotes).


In certain instances, users may desire to include special symbols, such as double colons (::), in the RuleCheck name. When doing so, it is crucial to enclose the RuleCheck name in double quotes to avoid triggering SVRF error SYN3.

The reason for this behavior is the fact that SVRF language incorporates its set of special symbols.
For example, the "::" sequence functions as a scooping operator in TVF and other Tcl-based extensions to SVRF. It is also utilized in certain built-in languages and serves as a layer derivation indicator in DFM Property and DFM Property Select Secondary.

The tool generates an error message when it encounters a special symbol (like "::") in a different context due to its association with the symbol's specific functionalities.
By enclosing the name containing double colons within double quotes, the tool correctly interprets the symbols as an integral part of the RuleCheck name rather than as standalone symbols.


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