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This webinar will showcase the customization and use of the DPW.



Join us to review how to Customize the Design Process Wizard in Valor NPI

This webinar will showcase the customization and use of the DPW.

It’s easy to keep up with the most recent additions to our software by attending the webcast for explanation and demonstration of new and upgraded functionality.  After the presentation, you’ll have a chance for live Q&A with the Valor NPI Global Support team.  

Questions and Answers from the Webcast

In old days the process wizard was an open XLM file and was possible a full customization by add more steps than the universe of steps given by default. Is it any alternate method to add a step that is not listed in the initial user interface? for instance run an action between two default stages?

Not out of the box, a referral to our Consulting group would be suggested.

Today the process wizard is a great tool but only allow a flow in one direction if user needs to return one step is not possible at least stop the wizard and then manually return to fix something, after that maybe restart the wizard from the last point. Is it possible to enable the return function on the wizard?

An update to the Design Process Wizard may be considered by submitting an enhancement request through the Ideas section in Support Center.

Is it normal for the MRA analysis to run so fast? Valor NPI 11.2 vs Valor NPI 2201, 10min vs 2min?

The length of time it takes to run a Classification Set has improved but the best test would be to compare the results from each run.  As a follow up, please submit a Support Request in Support Center if there are major differences.

How can I set the DPW for all users?

If you are setup as a server/client environment, selecting the “System” button will save the configuration to a location accessible to other users.

Does the BOM Manager Template Editor need to be used to create the BOM template?
No, it can be created and saved in the BOM Import Wizard.  The DPW just presents the template results in the BOM Manager Template Editor gui.

Do I need to create a configuration for every job?
No but a typical work flow configuration should be created to standardize the process.

Do I have to consider both fabrication and assembly processes when running the DPW?
No, a configuration can be set up for either flow.

Which configuration is used if they exist at my user level and system level.
The user level configuration would take precedence.


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