Simcenter 3D Solutions How to run Simcenter Samcef 2306 from a mapped disk on Windows

Simcenter Samcef


This article describes how to start Simcenter Samcef 2306 from a mapped disk on Windows.


In order to run Simcenter Samcef 2306 solvers from a mapped disk (remote disk):
-    Open a Command Prompt window
-    D
efine the Doskey like:
doskey samcef=X:\Samcef_installation\SCamcef\2306_i8\Samcef.cmd $*
where  1)  X: corresponds to the physical disk
                 Use the letter of the disk, don’t define the physical disk address

            2) Samcef_installation\SCamcef\2306_i8 corresponds to the path of the              
                 directory where Simcenter Samcef 2306 (integer8) is installed

Then, the call of Simcenter Samcef 2306 can be proceed through the following command in a Command Prompt window: the screenshot below provides example of a Static Linear (“as”) computation in interactive mode (“1”) without keeping Simcenter Samcef optional files (“n”):

Note: samcef is the previous defined doskey


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