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Simcenter Flotherm Viewer is an easy-to-use, license-free standalone application to view 3D geometry and CFD thermal results generated from an electronics cooling simulation performed in Simcenter Flotherm software.


What is Simcenter Flotherm Viewer? 

Simcenter Flotherm Viewer is an easy-to-use, license-free standalone application to view 3D geometry and electronics cooling CFD simulation results from accurate analysis performed in Simcenter Flotherm. Computational Fluid Dynamics, CFD, is a simulation technology that provides 3D fluid flow and heat transfer predictions. It is advantageous for thermal engineers to communicate simulation results and insights on physical performance easily to other engineering or management staff to aid product design decision-making. 

The Simcenter Flotherm Viewer is a tool that allows you to explore the simulated predictions of airflow patterns, maximum temperatures, and other thermal aspects of your design. You can see how the temperature changes with different power levels, compare scenarios, and more.


Where to download Simcenter Flotherm Viewer software?

Please download at the following links. To use Simcenter Flotherm Viewer, you must receive a pack file containing results from Simcenter Flotherm. The download above includes two simple example models with results to familiarize yourself with the application.

What types of CFD thermal analysis results can I view?

  • Maximum and Minimum Values – as annotations, e.g. solid temperature
  • Surface plots, e.g. surface temperature plots
  • Plane plots, e.g. temperature, solid temperature, airflow velocity, pressure
  • Cuts of plane plots
  • Isosurfaces
  • Particle Source Traces
  • Animations:
    • Steady-state plane plots moving
    • transient results, e.g. temperature

How to view electronic cooling simulation results using the Simcenter Flotherm Viewer.

The results you can see in the viewer depend on the results contained in the Simcenter Flotherm pack file contents you receive and import into a project for viewing.  
The viewer allows 3D viewing of geometry and results. You can navigate a model change your viewpoint and how geometry is displayed (wireframe, solid, solid with edges). You can display steady-state and transient results (limited to timesteps included in the pack file you import).

Results can be displayed as graphic stills and animations.  You can save a particular results viewing configuration to return to it quickly and export still images of visualized results. For looking at specific geometry quickly, such as a crucial component, you plot surface temperature results or select to identify via an annotation the maximum temperature.  

For further details on the various functions in Simcenter Flotherm viewer, including creating plane plots showing airflow velocity, speed, temperature, pressure, etc., please refer to the help after installation.


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