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We have seen with some user that the path calculated in Discrete drivetrain module of Simcenter Motion is not correct, even after providing the right details of Number of teeth, pitch circle diameter to be placed in Nominal Pitch. This could be because of incorrect relations of teeth engagement. Incorrect path calculation


We have seen with some users that when they try to create the Discrete drivetrain of their chain/tracked models, they face issue in terms of wrong path calculated by the Discrete drivetrain modules even after providing the right information into the Discrete drivetrain dialog box.

Possible reason:
You may have more than one track element engaging with tooth of your sprocket/gear.


With one case/scenario, two track elements were getting engaged with one tooth gap/space.
Ideally one-track element should engage with one tooth gap.
But in that case two track elements were present between the gap available in between the teeth.
So even if we provide the right values of parameters in Dialog box, the path calculation would be wrong in this scenario.
Because Nominal pitch provided is directly in relation to sprocket.
So, if you have modified the design to accommodate more than one element per tooth gap then the path calculation would be wrong.

In such scenario, it is advised that you reduce the count of Sprocket teeth to a factor of number of track element available per tooth gap.
e.g., if 2 track elements are engaging per gap, then mention the number of teeth in dialog box as half of actual count.
if actual teeth are 20, you should mention it 10. Reduced by the factor of engagement.

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