Calibre Missing Calibre pulldown menu in Cadence on RHEL 8

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When customers transition to RHEL 8, they might face problems with Calibre, either because they did not update their MGC_HOME/CALIBRE_HOME env variables to the path of the aok executable or they have missing libraries in their RHEL 8 installation


The ONLY supported Calibre executable for RHEL 8 is AOK.

In case customers transitioned from from RHEL6/7 to RHEL8,  and they did not update their MGC_HOME/CALIBRE_HOME to the path of the aok executable, Calibre pulldown menu will be missing in Cadence.

If there are still problems with missing shared object libraries in RHEL8 installation afterwards when running Calibre, installing the following packages will help. They cover almost all RHEL7/8 necessary packages for Calibre, AFS and Tanner, plus some nice-to-have:

sudo yum install -y libXScrnSaver glibc libglvnd-glx libnsl libpng12 libXext libXtst libX libXss libXft libXp ncurse-libs ncurses-static python2 libgfortran boost-locale libboost_filesystem redhat-lsb nc rsync tigervnc-server open-vm-tools system-config-users

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