Capital™ How to move Capital installer to an AWS EC2 instance

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Before installing Capital on an EC2 instance, you must first get it there.

These instructions will list where to get the install and commands needed to copy it to the EC2 instance

Step-by-step guide

  1. Download Capital installer

    1. Download Capital from (You will need your account information to log in)
    2. Select "Capital" from "My Products", select the base version, then click the download link.
      From here, select the Linux 64 variant for the Manager and server (We recommend Win64 for clients)

  2. Connect to the EC2 instance where Capital will be installed

    1. Once downloaded, use PuTTy to connect to the EC2 instance you'd like to install on (Instructions here)
    2. Save the connection settings used to connect
  3. Copy the file to the EC2 instance where Capital will be installed

    1. Download WinSCP (
      Connect WinSCP by using the saved connection settings from PuTTy
    2. Once connected, use WinSCP to copy the executable to the EC2 instance from your local machine (this may take some time)

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