Capital™ How to create an EC2 instance for Capital products

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To use Capital in AWS, an EC2 instance needs to be generated for each Capital manager and server

Step-by-step guide

  1. Create new EC2 instance

    1. From your EC2 dashboard, select "Running instances"

    2. On the top left, select "Launch Instance"

  2. Configure EC2 instance size

    1. Select Amazon Linux 2 for x86

    2. Select an environment size
      Refer to Environment sizing to decide which sizing option is best for you.
      For the sake of the example, we will select t2.large

  3. Configure EC2 instance network and storage

    1. Click next to configure instance details
      Ensure the VPC is correct, and any other settings you may want to change

    2. Click next to configure storage
      Set the size of storage in GB, with enough space to contain the Capital installer and install as well as any extras that need to be installed.
      For the sake of the example, we will select 30GB
  4. Optional - Configure EC2 instance tags

    1. Click next to configure tags.
      There are no tags that we recommend in this setup guide
  5. Configure EC2 instance security

    1. Click next to configure security groups
      Select "Select an existing security group" then select a security group which matches the instance you are creating (manager, client, server, license server, etc.)

  6. Review and Launch

    1. Click review and launch.
      Ensure that the settings are correct.
    2. When satisfied that the settings are correct, click Launch


At this stage, the EC2 instance is created and you can see it in your EC2 dashboard

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