Capital™ How to Define AWS Key Pair

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In order to access EC2 instances over SSH, a Key Pair will need to be defined.

A key pair has a public access key portion which is held by Amazon, and a private access key portion which is held by you. 

Once generated, a private key cannot be regenerated, but it can be used for multiple systems.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Create Key Pair

    1. From your EC2 dashboard, select Key Pair in the left menu
    2. Select Create key pair on the right top
  2. Configure Key Pair

    1. Enter a useful name and select how you will connect to the created instances (we use PuTTY in these articles so we will select a ppk)

  3. Click "Create key pair"

There should be a file downloaded (or request to start a download).  This file is your private key.  Keep it in a secure location as it will allow access to your EC2 instances over SSH

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