Capital™ How to create a VPC in AWS

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When starting to set up AWS for use in Capital, all internal networking will be done within a VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)

All security groups, instances, databases, etc. need to be defined within the same VPC, so it is important that you set it up first and create all other objects within it.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Create AWS VPC

    1. From your AWS dashboard, Drop down services and select VPC

  2. Configure VPC

    1. Enter information about your VPC
      1. Name tag: A descriptive name that will help identify the purpose of the VPC (e.g. capital-vpc)
      2. IPv4 CIDR block: The range of IP addresses accessible in the VPC. This should not overlap with other IP ranges if connecting with another network or VPC (e.g.
      3. IPv6 CIDR block: The range of IPv6 IP ranges if you prefer to use this or if needed when integrating with another network
      4. Tenancy: Only switch to Dedicated if you are required to run on specific hardware. Default is the correct choice when dedicated VPC hardware is not mandated
  3. Click 'Create VPC' to complete

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