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Is there a way to import the load data available in external files like Ansys results file in *.rst format into Simcenter 3D?


Though Load Recipes is an option to bring in the load data from external files into Simcenter 3D, the *.rst files from Ansys are not supported directly by Load Recipes. However, the users can read them through the solution process called Model and Load Pre-processing (MLPP) as an input file. Please see the steps described below to understand this process. This approach lets Simcenter 3D read the *.rst files and converts the data to *.sc_h5 file format from which the users can create a load recipe. The same approach is applicable to other file formats corresponding to other simulation tools as well that are not directly supported by Load Recipes, like *.odb, *.cgns etc. 
  • Right click on the simulation file in the navigator and select New Solution Process and create a new MLPP
  • Right click on the MLPP created earlier and select Add Load to bring in the data through the Input File
  • Then browse to select the corresponding *.rst file as the input file 
  • Then right click on the MLPP to add the Mesh Mapping operation and complete the mesh mapping data by selecting Ansys mesh as the source and Simcenter 3D mesh as the target
  • Then right click on the MLPP and select Solve which converts the *.rst data to *.sc_h5 file - once this is done, the option Create Load Recipe from Results becomes active using which a load recipe can be created for further steps

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