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Sometimes footprints (copper pads) are defined by solder mask opening within copper areas. Exposed Copper.


Stencil tool is able to extract solder mask defined pads. (Exposed Copper)
This can be defined in the Stencil Technology.

This option can be used when the PCA contains copper and solder mask layers. An Error message is shown
if signal or solder mask layers are missing.

Exposed Copper pads are created on a temporary layer at he beginning of the stencil design run and are used
s source layers for existing stencil design algorithm.
This will not change existing functionality when source layer is Solder Paste, Solder Mask or Signal.

1st Phase
Temporary exposed copper layers are created from the copper pads that are contained inside solder mask pads area.
All copper pads inside a solder mask pad are added to layer as they are, and they are excluded from second phase.

2nd Phase
For all remaining copper pads: When a solder mask pad is enclosed in a copper pad or intersecting it,
copper pad is cut (intersected) with a solder mask pad, and new exposed copper pad is created.


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