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HyperLynx is an integrated family of analysis tools for high-speed pre-route design and post-route verification. HyperLynx brings state-of-the-art simulation capabilities to mainstream designers by combining advanced modeling and simulation techniques with automated workflows. The following article explores the new features added to the HyperLynx product family in the VX.2.14 release.


HyperLynx DRC - Rules-based Design Verification

HyperLynx DRC VX.2.14 features new and improved rules, with the ability to speed checking by constraining analysis to user-specified sections of the design. 

HyperLynx SI/PI - Signal and Power Integrity

HyperLynx SI VX.2.14 includes support for DDR5 registered DIMMs, new protocol support for serial link compliance analysis and improved jitter modeling for IBIS-AMI simulation.

Engineering Data Management (EDM)

HyperLynx VX.2.14 gives users additional control of how data is checked into EDM and managed, making it easier to know which simulations were run against which versions of the design. EDM allows users to specify what data they want to keep as part of the project's permanent record.

Watch a series of short videos describing all these HyperLynx VX.2.14 features

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