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Installation runs without error but VPL does not work. No database was created. (Microsoft SQL). Important: Check SQL Server settings before Installation


After running a new installation, the VPL Service and VLM does not run.
This may occur only on new installations where a database has to be created.

An error message can be found in one of the Installer log files (*mip_history.txt)
Create new instance: true
Going to create databse VPL MSSQL database user ValorPP 
Changed database context to 'master'.
Msg 1803, Level 16, State 1, Server SN1D6710, Line 1
The CREATE DATABASE statement failed. The primary file must be at least 100 MB to accommodate a copy of the model database.
Msg 5011, Level 14, State 5, Server SN1D6710, Line 1

Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
Under Database --> System Database, right click on Model and open Properties.
Under Files change the Initial Size (MB) to 4
Click OK

Run the installation again.
After successful Installation set back the Initial Size.

Note: If the issue already happened then the VPL tables can be found under the System Databases/master. The should be removed savely.

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