HyperLynx Thermal Conductivity values in Stackup Editor

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Thermal Conductivity values defined in Stackup Editor would be used when running HyperLynx Thermal Simulations


HyperLynx Thermal will use the thermal conductivity values from Stackup Editor. There is an error in the existing documentation that mentions that "HyperLynx SI and Thermal do not use the thermal conductivity values in the Stackup Editor." This would be corrected from next HyperLynx releases (HyperLynx VX.2.14 and later).

Board conductivity is calculated from the values in the Stackup Editor, and using the actual copper on the board for each layer. This data is merged for all layers to create a single board conductivity value for each mesh cell across the board.  Board will be treated like a single conductive layer, with the conductivity varying across the board based on the total copper percentage in each mesh cell and each mesh cell has its own conductivity value.


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