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How to display physical models with contour plots in Simcenter 3D post-processing?


This article describes how users can display their physical models along with corresponding contour plot results in Simcenter 3D post-processing to understand the results in a better way when needed. The process is shown here with an example acoustic model (where sound radiation in a room due to a monopole source is simulated in Simcenter 3D) but the same approach can be used for any other model with any other results. 
  • First, display the contour plot result you would like to display the physical model with - in this example acoustic pressure at a given frequency is displayed. 
  • Next, click on Edit Post View to update the displayed result as needed - this is an optional step if users need to apply any changes like Complex Options or Units or to Apply dB Scaling as done in this example.
  • Then click on Cutting Plane Options to choose the desired Axis and then check Show Ghost option to display the physical model with the contour plot result. Users can further choose Cut Side - in this example it is set to Both and then moving the slider will display the results at a given cutting plane. 

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