Capital™ What is the best practice for the <Capital_home>/jreWin64/ folder by Automatic Update of Clients?

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What is the best practice for the <Capital_home>/jreWin64/ folder by Automatic Update of Clients: should it be excluded from update or not?


There are 2 exclusions files: /config/updateexclusions.txt and /updater/systemexclusions.txt.
  • /config/updateexclusions.txt is meant to be customer editable. We do not overwrite it when service packs are installed.
  • /updater/systemexclusions.txt is something we change with each service pack so is not designed to be edited by user.
In systemexclusions.txt, there’s exclusion for “jre” folder.

The folder “jre” is not used by any application and is kept since Uninstaller of InstallAnywhere (3rd party tool) requires it. This folder will also be used during migration if there’ll be any issue with access to the folder “jreWin64”.
So, <Capital_home>/jre: needed for Uninstaller and potentially for migration – is not used by any Capital tools;
<Capital_home>/jreWin64/ is needed for actual tools.

We didn’t want to exclude jreWin64 folder in systemexclusions.txt for a couple of reasons:
  1. Users can install their own custom java version (with support from our company), which may exist in this folder and will need to be pushed to clients, so we don’t want to override that here.
  2. Security and font settings may be updated on the server and pushed down to the clients, so we want to support that.

If neither of these apply to the user, customer can add the jreWin64/ directory to the updateexclusions.txt

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