Valor Process Preparation Start of Process preparation take more than 1 or 2 minutes

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Starting Process Preparation Client takes very long


One reason could be the Server Name Resolution (get IP Address of Server Name)

Change configuration file to use IP address instead of Server Name.
File to Edit: C:\MentorGraphics\ValorMSS\2304\ProcessPreparation\Client\vPlan.exe.config
(Backup a copy before editing)

Find the key ServerAddress and change the Server Name to its IP Address
        <add key="ServerAddress" value="tcp://localhost:6000/MSSProcessPreparation/Server"/>
        <add key="EnableUndo" value="false"/>
        <add key="IPNbufferSize" value="150000"/>

In above example change localhost to IP address of Process Preparation Server
Be careful to keep ":" and Port number (:6000) which may be specific to your site.

Note: This works only if the Process Preparation Sever has a Static IP Address!
If you do not know the IP address then contact your local IT administrator.

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