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This article explains how to customize DRV binding keys with $HOME/.calibrewb_workspace/keyprefs file.


DRV default binding keys can be modified/changed with the keyprefs file.
The file contains the definitions for the key and mouse wheel bindings and is automatically loaded when you invoke a layout viewer.

The keyprefs template file is available through the following symbolic link:

When the user invokes the layout viewer, it automatically creates a link in the $HOME/.calibrewb_workspace directory to a template keyprefs file in the $CALIBRE_HOME directory.

There is no mechanism in the layout viewer GUI to modify a keyprefs file, but users can create a custom keyprefs file by creating it in $HOME/.calibrewb_workspace directory.

At invocation, if the $HOME/.calibrewb_workspace/keyprefs file exists, the layout viewer will automatically load it. Otherwise, the layout viewer uses the default key bindings.

Please check the following document for information about the keyprefs file format:


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