Simcenter Madymo Creating Simcenter Madymo Coupling using Coupling Assistant

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In this article steps required for setting up a coupling model are briefly discussed.


Step1: Once Coupling Assistant is invoked, create a new Project and assign the directory to save/load the files

Step2:  In the model tab, load the desired FE code by selecting code/version and similarly Madymo dummy model required for the analysis. Please convert the FE code units accordingly to match with the Madymo SI units.


Step 3: Input the Stop time and output time step for the analysis as required

Step 4: Position the dummy model with respect to FE model from the position tab using the Joints selector

Step 5: Input the velocity and acceleration values as required in the following tab

Step 6: In the coupling tab, create contact group for the contacts accordingly. Then create contacts between the two models by right clicking on the contacts listed and selecting new.  Similarly a constraints can be created, e.g. between the two models by selecting Madymo body and nodes from the FE code

Step 7: Generate coupling file by clicking on generate model icon 



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