Simcenter 3D Solutions CAE Templates with Selection Recipe to automatize the fem and the sim files

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The present article shows how to leverage Selection Recipe in CAE Templates to apply meshing and boundaries conditions automatically.


Initial knowledge:
To manage CAE templates we need 2 kinds of files:
- pax file
- fem and sim files

The fem/sim files are CAE files where you define what you need to be used as template such as mesh collector, fields, loads...
The pax file is an ascii file where you define name, unit system for each template. In addition, this is where you call fem/sim file as templates. This is your templates list pointing on your templates' library. For instance, you call a fem file from the pax file and define the name you want to see from the template dialog box in Simcenter 3D. See below the template's list of Simcenter 3D where a sim template, “SOL101 Pressure state 2” has been added.

Remark: By default, CAE Templates and CAD Templates are not stored in the same directory. You can adapt your own directory where all templates, CAE and CAD are gathered in the same folder.

You can use the templates to prepare your Simulation Navigator adding:
  • Mesh collector
  • Physical properties with specific materials to use
  • Fields ready to use
  • Boundary condition using fields or constant value
  • Loads using fields or constant value
  • CSYS
  • Solutions with a specific solver
  • Etc.
But you can also go further adding selection recipe to assign polygon faces to a load for example. In this way, as soon as you create your sim file from your own sim template, the Force you stored in your sim template, where you assign a Selection Recipe based on name attribute called "SURFACE_PRESSURE", will catch all polygon faces with the name "SURFACE_PRESSURE". That means, you must assign this name attribute on your CAD.

This workflow can help you to model and solve quickly basic and recurrent model where ASME code is necessary to use for instance.

  • Create a sim file and a Solution SOL101.
  • Create a Selection Recipe, name it “Pressure”, where strategy use attribute and entity type is Polygon Face with the name “SURFACE_PRESSURE”.
  • Create a pressure with 10 MPa value. Select the Selection Recipe you just created.
  • Save it.
  • Add the sim file on your template’s directory
  • Add the template in the ugs_cae_templates.pax file. See the path C:\Program Files\Siemens\NX2306\SIMULATION\templates.
Name the sim file “SOL101 Pressure state 2.sim” and follow the screenshot below:
  • Then restart Simcenter 3D
  • Open a fem file with his part parent.
  • Then assign name “SURFACE_PRESSURE” to some faces in the master part.
  • Create sim file from “New” dialog box to choose the last template we created.

You will see that the sim file already contains the SOL101 in the Simulation Navigator and the Pressure is correctly defined thanks to the Selection Recipe called “Pressure”.

Prefer to use fem/sim file as template without any polygon body to avoid any conflict.

Creation of Selection Recipe documentation

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