Simcenter Madymo Converting STP to Facet model using MADPost

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CAD model in Madymo often used for overlay, can also be used to covert them to facet surface using the MADpost tool. In this article steps required to achieve the workflow will be discussed.


Step 1: Load the CAD file in Madpost 


Step2:  Once the CAD file is loaded, position and scale the CAD model as required ( Based on the unites of CAD file) and click on export model icon in MADpost .Select the part interested  or all FE part. Once selection is made, click on export and .XML file would be created of rigid mesh


Step 3: XML file for the model would be created in the selected folder. The model would have been created with empty part, user would need to create property and material card  and assign to part accordingly.


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