Calibre CUSTOM::CHECK command is not supported in the new Calibre Interactive GUI

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Calibre will report a warning about "not supported CUSTOM""CHECK" with newer versions of calibre. The CUSTOM::CHECK command is not supported anymore. The solution is using DRC select/unselect check statements.


New Calibre versions will report the following warning message if the CUSTOM::CHECK command is added in the customisation file:
          WARNING: CUSTOM::CHECK is not a supported  

This warning occurs as the CUSTOM::CHECK command is unavailable in newer Calibre versions.
This information is well documented in the Caliber Interactive User's Manual:

Please find the full table below:

To fix the warning message and proceed with the run, you can remove the CUSTOM::CHECK command from the customization file and use DRC SELECT CHECK and DRC UNSELECT CHECK statements in your rule file or Calibre Interactive.

  1. The tool selects all rule checks for execution if there are no DRC Select Check specification statements in the rule file (or Calibre Interactive). Otherwise, only those rule checks specified in DRC Select Check statements are selected.

  1. The tool unselects all rule checks specified in DRC Unselect Check specification statements in the rule file (or Calibre Interactive), if specified.

If you are not able  or don't want to edit the rule file, you can include this statement in Calibre Interactive. Please follow this steps:
- First, open the "Options" tab from "Settings" -> "Show Pages".
- The "Options" will be added in the left pan.
- Then check the "Include DRC Statements" box and add the DRC UNSELECT CHECK <check name> line.

In the following example the check name is  "SEALRING_WARNING":

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